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What We Do

The Purple Planet, a Non-profit Making Non-governmental Organization dealing with Women Rights Advocacy, Women Economic Empowerment and gender Cross-cutting issues in Tanzania


“To enhance the transformation of marginalized women in Tanzania by expanding their access to the available economic and natural resources”.


The organization embarks strongly into its competent secretariat, with a strong foundation base and pillar from the Board of Directors.


These are the main collaborators that makes The Purple Planet move forward meeting its set strategic goals.


The organization is headquartered in Dar es Salaam Tanzania, with strong base in the regions, working directly with its affiliated women organizations


The Purple Planet is a gender-based, Non-profit making, Non-governmental organization registered and incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania, the organization main focus is women empowerment locally and internationally, directly dealing with women economic empowerment, women rights and women socio-cultural development.

The organization primary target is the marginalized women in the rural-set up, town set-up and city dwelling.

The purple Planet ideological philosophy is characterized by making a total difference through the available economic and natural resources, the organization embarks strongly into advocating for women to use the available resources within their surroundings to move to the next level.

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