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The Purple Planet is a Gender-based Non-profit Making, Non-governmental Organization. The organization deals with advocating for women rights, carry out Women Economic Empowerment Programmes and Women Cross-cutting Issues in Tanzania.


“To assist, support, and inspire low-income women to become economically self sufficient and become active participants in their lives and communities at large.”


A world where every woman is able to use her voice, makes her own decisions, and actively engage in economic opportunities.


The organization believes in the “Use of available human, economic and natural resources within the surrounding to sustainably solve the existing community challenges”


The organization has developed and nurtured 5 Elements of core values and Philosophy which entails:-

  • Sharing
  • Discipline
  • Team Work
  • Positive Thinking
  • Self-Improvement

With emphasis, these perfect systems shall work at all levels in the organization principles which will enhance our milestone towards the solid growth of the organization’s image, status, and broad community cross-section coverage in meeting the women socio-economic development agenda.


To articulately meet the organization objectives, the ultimate goal of the organization, the Purple Planet will categorically focus its undertakings in the following key organization priorities:-

  • Women and Entrepreneurship Development
  • Women and Extractive Industries Development
  • Women and Environmental Justice
  • Women and Socio-cultural Development